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ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Training Course - 2 or 3 Days  

All classes are guaranteed to be held. This class uses the internet and is interactive with the instructor. On-site training is available in the Silicon Valley area.

The ISO 9001 Standard and auditing are new to most people. You receive a copy of all information in writing. This means you can check details after completing the course.

Course materials include:
1. ISO 9001 Requirements Explained (a pdf file) - This is a detailed written explanation of what the requirements mean with links to 103 sample documents. No other training course provides a detailed explanation of the requirements.

2. Auditor Manual (in a ring binder) - The manual includes the 9 steps to take to conduct and report an audit, auditing techniques and vocabulary; plus checklists and audit forms (with their matching computer files on CD). Other courses typically do not provide checklists and audit forms.

3. Audit Steps Card - This single card ties the course together. Auditors use this card as a guide until they know the steps of the audit. The page number above each step tells where the explanation for the step begins in the Auditor Manual. View the Audit Steps Card here.

Who should attend: Quality Assurance Managers, Management Representatives, ISO 9001 Project Managers, ISO 9001 Internal Auditors, and company in-house trainers. In-house trainers, see additional information below.

3-Day Class
Course fee
: $1200.00 (US Dollars) per person
Materials:        $75.00
Shipping cost: Provide your address and we will send you the UPS shipping options.

Company Private Class: $1,100.00 per person. (Minimum of 3 people)
Request a quote for a larger number. Course will be held during your Time Zone work day.
On-site training available in the Silicon Valley area. Materials:        $75.00 each person

2-Day Class
A 2-day class is available for those who have an in-depth knowledge of the ISO 9001:2000 or ISO 9001:2008 standard.     Fee: $875.00
Call for more information. (408)371-9995

RABQSA compliant This course meets RABQSA Internal Auditor Training Course requirements for course objectives, course content, training methods, and student evaluation defined in RABQSA TP5.INTRNL 1 January 2005.

Training Dates for the US and Canada: There is an Eastern Schedule and a Western Schedule (below). The two Schedules are based on the 4 Time Zones in the US and Canada. This was done to match your work day. The course Trainer is located in California.

2015 Eastern Schedule (for Eastern US & Canada)
Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 - 6:00 (EST)
Central Standard Time: 8:00 - 5:00 (CST)
January July 6, 8, 10
February 9, 11, 13
August 10, 12, 14
March 9, 11, 13
September 14, 16, 18
April 13, 15, 17
October 5, 7, 9
May 4, 6, 8
November 2, 4, 6
June 8, 10, 12
December 7, 9, 11

2015 Western Schedule (for Western US & Canada)
Mountain Standard Time: 9:00 - 6:00 (MST)
Pacific Standard Time: 8:00 - 5:00 (PST)
July 20, 22, 24
February 23, 25, 27
August 17, 19, 21
March 23, 25, 27
September 21, 23, 25
April 20, 22, 24
October 19, 21, 23
May 18, 20, 22
November 16, 18, 20
June 22, 24, 26
December 14, 16, 18

Private class
You may schedule a private class for 3 or more people. The class start time will be 8:00 AM in your time zone.

  • Computer, internet connection, and headset (or microphone and speakers). A headset is preferred. If you have a good microphone and speakers, we can check the sound quality in advance. An inexpensive headset can be purchased at an electronics store or on the internet. Plantronics has a high rating for sound quality.
  • A land line (a wi-fi connection results in a bad connection)
  • Skype account, or free Skype account
  • You must be in a room where you will not be interrupted during the course.
  • You must understand spoken and written English well.
  • MS Word and Excel 2000 or higher
  • Adobe® Acrobat Reader 9.1 (or later) available for free from the Adobe website

  • Introduction to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard

  • How to navigate ISO 9001:2008 Requirements Explained (a pdf file) to find information after completing the course.

  • A detailed review of the ISO 9001 requirements (with 103 illustration documents - mostly forms)

  • Auditor qualifications; the role and responsibilities of auditors
  • Auditing terms and techniques

  • Types of Audits:
    - Process Audits - this means you check all ISO requirements that apply to a process/activity when it is audited
    - Work Order audits (following an order from receipt of order to shipment)

  • The 9 Steps to take to conduct and report an audit
    View the Audit Steps Card here.

  • Review of forms used including:
    - Audit Assignment
    - Manager Interview Form
    - Checklists provided for each clause (topic) in the standard
    - Universal Items Checklist (for organization-specific activities)
    - Records Review Form
    - Audit Results Memo for Manager
    - Corrective Preventive Action Request Form
    - Audit Report
    - There are instructions for how to complete each form.
  • Test. You may use the course materials to locate answers.
    An Internal Auditor Training Certificate is awarded for satisfactory completion of the test.


Debbie Settle - Quality Systems Coordinator
Alcoa Eastalco Works - Frederick, MD
Any time you have a question about the ISO requirements, the answer is in "ISO 9001 Explained."

We use the Audit Plan, Audit Memo and Audit Report forms and like them.  All the forms have instructions that tell exactly what to enter on the forms. We use the data entry template version of the Corrective Action Form and the Audit Report because we want to be sure that everyone can read the entries.

This course has a wealth of information that would be helpful to someone starting their system and to anyone who must audit it.   I especially like that I can refer to the materials when I have time to look at them.   They are always there.


Frank Hogan - Quality Manager
Dyna-Drill Technologies, Inc. - Houston, TX
What I liked the most was "ISO 9001 Explained" that tells in detail what the requirements mean. In the past I attended several auditor courses and they never taught what the standard means. This is the first time I have seen a good explanation of the ISO requirements included in a training course.

Ken McCleary - Purchasing Manager
Cytec Industries, Inc. - Smyran, GA
I am in charge of the audit program for several company locations. The first auditor course that I took was in 1995. It took me many years to hunt down the information that is included in this course -- all in one place. I would have saved so much time if I had started with this course.

Osborne Industries, Inc. - Osborne, KS
Having the written explanation of the requirements makes my job easier. When I have to explain to someone why something is a nonconformance, I just look up the explanation on the PDF file and then tell the person. You can even print out the explanation so the person has a written copy.

Rodney Fetterolf - Quality Manager /In-house ISO Trainer
Adjutant General's Department - Texas
I liked the complete course. Our training went well and we had no problems. "ISO 9001 Explained" was the biggest help for our first-time auditors. The explanation of the requirements is written in layman's terms and is easy for people understand.

The Trainer
The Trainer and writer of this course, Jane Birkenstock, has worked with the ISO 9001 standard since 1992.  Ms. Birkenstock has 30 years experience working in manufacturing and service industries and began her career as a teacher.   The ISO 9001 standard has requirements for good business and quality assurance practices that relate to almost all areas of a company. The course writer used easy to understand terms because few people have a background that includes working in all areas of a company. The research and development time for this course was 2 1/2 years.

Course Payment

Course Fee:
$1,200.00 (US Dollars)
Materials:         $ 75.00

Shipping charge for materials: We will email you shipping cost options and delivery time after you provide registration information.
Outside the US: Click here to determine cost using a currency converter

United States: Payment by company check (preferred)
Make check payable to: ISO 9000 Checklist
Send to:
ISO 9000 Checklist
3575 S. Bascom Ave. #2
Campbell, CA 95008

United States and Canada: VISA, Mastercard, American Express (add 3.5% to total cost to pay for credit card fee charged to seller). You will be sent a Paypal invoice (by email) that has a link to the Paypal payment page. You do not need a Paypal account to enter credit card information on the Paypal payment page.

Other Countries:
Wire transfer of payment to Seller's bank account. Request wire transfer information.

Credit cards accepted with approval of Seller: VISA, Mastercard, American Express (add 3.5% to pay for credit card fee charged to seller). You must have a company web site and company email address.

How to Register for This Class

Note: This course is not offered to employees of training organizations, universities and colleges, or to ISO consultants for proprietary reasons.

In-house Trainers (including the ISO Coordinator and Quality Manager):   You may attend this class at a reduced price if you purchase the ISO 9001:2008 Auditor Training Course and Forms (materials described here). This allows you to see the course presented before training your own internal auditors.

To register for ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Training (3 days), you may:

1. Call with registration information
Phone: (408) 371-9995 (Pacific Standard Time) California

Tell us to reserve a seat. We will need the registration information (see below). You or your accounting department may provide this information after you have reserved a seat.

2. Send your registration information to:
Email: Jane Birkenstock

Registration information needed:
(You may copy/paste this text into an email.)

Company Name:
Street Address:

Shipping address (if different from above):
Company Name:
Street Address:

Company web site address:

Course: ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Training (3 days)

Course date I wish to attend:
Allow time to make payment and for materials to be mailed to you.
US/Canada - make reservations 2 weeks or more in advance

1st Attendee
Job Title:

2nd Attendee
Job Title:

Your Purchasing Department contact person:
Email address:

How Payment will be made:
___ 1. I will send a company check. (US and Canada only)
___ 2. I will pay by wire transfer. Please provide wire transfer information.
___ 3. Payment will be made by credit card.

You provide registration information. We confirm the total cost (including shipping).
When a credit card is used, you will be sent an invoice with a link to the Paypal website. You do not need a Paypal account to make payment on the Paypal site.

Send your registration information to:
Email: Jane Birkenstock

Course Reminder: A reminder of the course date and start time is sent by email the week prior to the course date.

Joining the class: The Trainer will call the phone number or Skype name you provide to begin your class each day.

Certificate: Upon completion of a test, attendees receive an Internal Auditor Training Certificate and are entitled to 2.4 C.E.U.s (Continuing Education Units).

Supplier Information
ISO 9000 Checklist
3575 S. Bascom Ave. # 2
Campbell, CA 95008  USA
Phone: (408) 371-9995

For additional information:
Contact:   Jane Birkenstock
Phone:   +1 (408) 371-9995

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