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ISO 9001:2008 Requirements Explained - a detailed explanation with 103 Exhibit documents 

"ISO 9001 Explained," written in layman's terms, is used when setting up an ISO 9001 quality system, and when auditing and maintaining the system.

Available in US and A4 computer file format.

This page includes links to sample documents.

ISO 9001:2008 Requirements Explained
"ISO 9001:2008 Requirements Explained" is a 300-page explanation of the ISO 9001 standard on an Adobe® PDF file that you can place on your network system. This product was developed so you can have a detailed description of what the ISO 9001:2008 requirements mean available to all personnel.

Exhibits illustrate requirements
The explanation of the standard has links to 103 Exhibits that illustrate what the requirements mean. The Exhibits include charts, documents, forms, and databases. Most clauses are illustrated with ISO forms that include the requirements of the Standard. (See the List of Files below).

The illustration documents make it easier to understand what the ISO requirements mean. They also show possible ways that organizations can use to meet the requirements in the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Files for download or on CD:  This product contains the explanation of the standard and the Exhibit illustrations as Adobe PDF files.  These are placed on your network system. This product also provides the Microsoft Word and Excel files (and data entry templates) for the illustration documents.   The Word and Excel files may be edited and used as part of your quality system. 

Printouts - Printouts (in a ring binder) are available in US and A4 sizes.
Manual 1 - Requirements Explained   (300 pages)
Manual 2 - Exhibits   (216 pages)

  • This product assumes no prior knowledge of quality systems and business management systems.

  • A single sentence in the ISO standard often contains more than one requirement. When this occurs, each requirement is explained.

Applications for the Written Explanation of the Standard
  • Start up companies   Start up companies can use the written explanation of the Standard as a guideline for what should be included in the company's quality management system. Sample documents and forms may be edited and used as part of the organization's documentation.

  • Implementing the standard   Those tasked with implementing the quality system can use this product as a reference for what the requirements of the standard mean. The Exhibit documents and forms may be edited and used as part of your quality system documentation.

    If you are implementing your system, check the list of files (below) to see if you could use any of the illustration documents and forms.

  • Audit Program Manager reference   This is the ultimate reference source for the Audit Program Manager who must be an expert on standard.

  • Management Representative reference source   The Management Representative must have an in-depth knowledge of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the quality system and its documentation meet ISO 9001 requirements. "ISO 9001 Explained" provides the detailed line-by-line description of the requirements that the Mgt. Rep. needs to ensure compliance with the Standard and to communicate with the ISO registrar.

  • Handover of the ISO 9001 System to a new manager   "ISO 9001 Explained" is the ultimate reference source for someone who must quickly become an expert on the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

  • A reference source for Internal Auditors   Organizations that conduct their own audits must provide each auditor with a detailed written explanation what the ISO requirements mean.  Why?  Most auditor training courses just read the ISO requirements to you -- and do not tell you what the requirements mean. You must provide auditors with a detailed explanation of the requirements if you expect them to conduct audits.

    This product was actually written to be part of a larger product titled "The ISO 9001:2008 Auditor Training Course and Forms."  This is why it contains a detailed line-by-line explanation of the requirements. "ISO 9001 Explained" (in Adobe PDF format) can be placed on your network system for access by auditors. 

    You may also want to make a photocopy of "Manual 1- Requirements Explained" for each auditor.  Why? This standard cannot be learned in a single day.  You must spend some time studying it.  Auditors can take the manual home with them and study the standard on their own time.

  • As a reference source for all personnel   The Adobe PDF file may be placed on your network system. This allows all personnel with computers to have access to a detailed explanation of the ISO requirements.

  • NEW - A training course with Trainer Instructions   The 2008 update includes instructions for providing in-house training on what the ISO 9001 requirements mean. There are 3 methods for providing training for those who must have in-depth knowledge of the ISO 9001 requirements. These methods include 1) Classroom Training, 2) the FAST Method (reading assignments with Review Sessions), and 3) the Self-Learning Method (a reading assignment with 1 or 2 Review Sessions). The in-house Trainer uses the Self-Learning Method to prepare to train other employees. The Trainer earns a training certificate. A training certificate is awarded to trainees.

    The course is truly an in-depth course. The result is that trainees understand what the ISO 9001 requirements mean and how your organization meets the ISO requirements.

    Additional Training Applications
    Selected parts of this product may be used to train department managers who will make a contribution to writing documentation when an organization implements the standard using their own staff resources.

    Selected parts of this product may be used to provide employee awareness training related to the ISO 9001 standard.

Debbie Settle - Quality System Coordinator - Alcoa Eastalco Works, Frederick MD
The written explanation of the standard gives me exactly what I need to know when I have a question. This has helped enormously.

John MacIntyre - President - MCSP, San Jose, CA
ISO 9001 Explained has been most helpful and it is truly well organized. There is so much depth and it epitomizes the writer's teaching skills; you are in a class above the rest.

Seyed Geressu - Quality Engineering Specialist - Darcor Casters and Wheels - Canada
I am ready to respond to any question that relates to ISO 9001 because I have ISO 9001 Explained as a reference. I put the pdf file on the company’s computer system and now everyone uses it. It is written in simple, easy to understand language and I don’t have to explain things to people.

Our employees prefer reading ISO 9001 Explained instead of being told what they should do. Everyone is on the same page regarding what the requirements mean, and this means less work for me.

Chris Schleigh - Quality Engineer - Ultralife Batteries, Inc. - Newark, NY
Everything is explained in terms that are easy to understand. Due to these training materials, I am a genius in the application of ISO 9001 compared to everyone else. You have created a masterpiece.

Barry Frye - Certified ISO 9001 Internal Auditor
I received my certificate after attending an in-house 4 day class and passing the exam. Then I read ISO 9001 Explained and realized how lacking the class was! ISO 9001 Explained is extremely well written and does so in exacting, thorough detail ! For anyone wishing to implement this ISO standard, ISO 9001 Explained will be an invaluable resource explaining what needs to be done. The expertise it provides will be a time saver and better still, a great value!

Dave Hagen - Quality Manager - Lowe Boats
It is easy to navigate the pdf file. We used ISO 9001 Explained to help interpret things we needed to understand. The ISO numbered clause, the illustration documents, and the explanation for the requirements are all in one place - and you don't have to look in multiple locations for information. This was a wise investment.

Osborne Industries, Inc. - Osborne, KS
Having the written explanation of the requirements makes my job easier. When I have to explain to someone why something is a nonconformance, I just look up the explanation on the PDF file and then tell the person. You can even print out the explanation so the person has a written copy.

Anonymous US Company
We held meetings for several months for those who were assigned to document parts of the standard. We would sit in the room and look at the ceiling for about 20 minutes and then go back to work because we couldn't understand what we were supposed to do. Then we got ISO Explained and it was so clearly written that we could all complete our assignments. We used some of the sample documents. The samples were also a big help in figuring out if we already had something similar as part of our system.

Maurico Villeda - Quality Manager - Pioneer Magnetics, Santa Monica, CA
This is the best of what I have seen so far and I have looked at a lot of ISO products.

Bill Cowell - Quality Assurance - Bahrain
Anyone who orders ISO 9001 Explained will recognize the work and effort that it must have taken to put together. This is the ultimate reference source for anyone who must have an in-depth knowledge of what the ISO 9001 requirements mean. This is excellent work and will save me a lot of time.

Ken Loetz - QA Inspector
I looked at five web sites that offered an explanation of the ISO 9001 Standard. Other sites just repeat the wording of the requirements. I liked the sample on this site because it was very detailed and easy to understand. The explanation even included sample documents that you can use.

Abdullah Othman - Quality Manager - Arabian Construction Company - Abu Dhabi UAE
The explanation of the ISO 9001 standard is well written and to the point. It is wealth of information that provides clear step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing a quality management system.

Ray Young - Tool Designer - Trio Metal Stamping
Your explanation about what measuring instruments must be labeled was just what I needed.

Miles R. Hogan - PhD - M/H Manufacturing and Business Consultants
I would strongly recommend this to companies interested in setting up a quality system to any of the ISO standards. This covers all the basic requirements. Anyone can just read the explanation and follow it.

Lee Alexander - President - Unimed Surgical Products, Inc.
I wish I had your materials when I was writing our quality system years ago. It would have made life so much easier.

Mike Cruz - Managing Director - CDC Resources - Monticello, IN
CDC Resources is a social services organization. Because we do not get enough funding and have a turnover, we must have a disciplined system. ISO 9001 is the way to do that for us. A lot of credit for our receiving our certification is due to the thoroughness of the materials in "ISO 9001 Explained"

The quality of "ISO 9001 Explained" is fantastic. Initially, we had some training and spent 2 to 3 months of hard work without making much progress. We did a 180-degree turn when we got your product and completed the project in 4 months.

The training we had paled compared to this. "ISO 9001 Explained" had everything in writing and had it in different ways. This gave us the tools to understand the intent of the standard and know if we were going the right direction. We used some of the sample documents as part of our quality system.

Having "ISO 9001 Explained" on our computer system allowed people to work on different parts of the project at the same time. Many problems were quickly resolved because everyone had access to the same information.

We were really impressed with the materials for Management Review, the Corrective Action Plan and the Opportunities Log. We have 4 key program areas and each uses the Opportunities Log. This keeps us focused on where we need to make improvements. We use your expertise almost daily and I am glad that we found your website.

We passed our certification audit with only several minor nonconformances. We couldn't have done it without "ISO 9001 Explained". These materials are truly remarkable. I don't know of anything in the marketplace that even comes close to this. I would highly recommend this product to social services organizations. This is a great value, especially at the price it is offered.

Gordon Stewart - QA Manager - Clipper Marine Services Ltd. - UK
Thank you for the complete and concise instructions for how to download the 'ISO 9001 Explained' files. I can assure you they made my job a lot easier and were much appreciated.

Lucas Eggert - ISO Coordinator - Amports - Benicia, CA
I compared the materials in "ISO 9001 Explained" to materials we have from past courses that our employees attended. The materials from the past courses didn't tell you anything. You can learn more by just reading the explanation for Clause 4.1 in "ISO 9001 Explained" than in all the materials we collected from other courses.

Ernie Barnett – Quality Mgr/Production Mgr – USTX Contract Services, Inc.
This product has illustration documents that you can use and just add your company name to them. We used many of the sample forms as part of our quality system.

I only had to make a few minor changes on documents and forms. The forms have instructions so people know what to put in each entry space on the form. This was helpful because I don’t have time to develop these materials.

When you have an audit nonconformance, the person who must plan the corrective action can just check the clause number on the "ISO 9001 Explained" pdf file. The explanation for the clause number tells you what the requirements mean, what you have to do, and has sample documents. This is helpful because a registrar auditor will only tell you that something is wrong, and will not tell you what to do.

Doug Osborne Quality Manager – USTX Contract Services, Inc.
I took over the ISO program at our company and had to become an expert on the ISO 9001 standard. I use ISO 9001 Explained all the time. I take it to meetings when we discuss anything about quality. If you take a public training course, you lose that information quickly because you can't remember what was on the PowerPoint slides. You have to have a good reference source like ISO Explained on hand to check details when an issue arises. This product is well used at our company.

ISO 9001:2008 Explained is Part of the full Auditor Training Course and Forms
The following comments about "ISO 9001 Explained" are from companies that purchased the full auditor course:

Rodney Fetterolf - Quality Manager - Adjutant General's Department - Texas
"ISO 9001 Explained" was a big help when I trained first-time auditors. The explanation of the requirements is written in layman's terms and is easy for people understand.

Frank Hogan - Quality Manager - Dyna-Drill Technologies, Inc.
I trained 11 auditors. What I liked most was "ISO 9001 Explained." I attended several auditor courses in the past and they never taught what the standard means. This is the first time I have seen a good explanation of the ISO requirements included in a training course.

Allan Lewis - QA Manager - Synnex Corporation
I trained auditors who had no prior experience in auditing. The Exhibits that illustrate the ISO 9001 requirements helped my trainees to understand our own documents. These materials are outstanding.

Staci DiBello - ISO 9001 Audit Manager - GE Transportation
I use "ISO 9001 Explained" when training large groups of auditors. The pdf file is also on our computer system. Auditors tell me that they use the pdf file frequently to review the details on what the requirements mean.

Tony Gonzales - Quality Manager - Empire Southwest, LLC
I especially liked the explanation of the ISO requirements and all the example documents. Although I know everything that is in the course, it is a challenge when you have to explain all this to someone else. The Exhibit forms also gave me good ideas about how to set up other forms that were needed for the company.

Companies that purchased "ISO 9001 Explained"
Airpro Corporation of America
American Packaging Corporation
Andersen Sterilizers, Inc.
Arabian Construction Company - Abu Dhabi (UAE)
BCP Systems, Inc.
BSI Services
Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
Bridgelux, Inc.
Byington Steel Treating, Inc.
CDC Resources - Indiana nonprofit corp. aiding
   individuals with disabilities - Donation
ClappDiCO Corporation
Clipper Marine Services Limited - UK
Custom Connections Corporation
Cytec Industries, Inc.
Develop Cell Ltd. - UK
Dow Corning Corporation
Downs Energy
Dutch Lady Viet Nam - Viet Nam
Freezers USA - UK
G&B Solutions, Inc.
General Electric Co. - GE Transportation (14 locations)
ISR Group, Inc.
Inco Australia Management Pty Ltd - Australia
JE Pistons
Jamison Industries, Inc.
JetPro Consultants, Inc.
Job Options, Inc.
Kaneka Texas Corporation
Kenergy, Inc.
Lions Industries for the Blind, Inc. / Donation
M/H Manufacturing and Business Consultants
Magnum Machine and Mfg. Ltd.
Man Tech SMA
Man Tech T.I.S.C. Pacific Operations - Hawaii
Memry Corporation
Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.
NuGEN Technologies, Inc.
Osborne Industries, Inc.
Peak Technology Enterprises, Inc.
Philips Semiconductor
Pioneer Magnetics
QED Environmental Systems, Inc.
Research Triangle Park Independent
   Review Board Inc.
Roche Diagnostics - Puerto Rico
Semiconductor Solutions, Inc.
Skyline Products
Society to Benefit Everyone - Donation
Solrac Manufacturing
Speciality Bolt & Screw, Inc.
Steritech Group, Inc.
Sterling Products Limited - Guyana
Sunrise Telecom, Inc.
Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
Universal Semiconductor Technology, Inc.
USTX Contract Services, Inc.
Vectron - Canada
Vicaima Industria SA - Portugal
W. Cowell - Bahrain
Wakelight Technologies, Inc.
Wabash Center
XP Power

Links to Sample Documents
Adobe Reader 9.1 (or a later version) is required to view sample documents. You may download the Reader for free from the Adobe site.

Click on underlined names to view documents.

1.   Sample from ISO 9001:2008 Explained - 5.6 Management Review
This sample includes the Table of Contents (2 pages) and an explanation for clause 5.6 Management Review.

To evaluate this sample, ask the question: " Did the writer fully explain what the requirements in the clause mean?"

2.   Following are the 4 Exhibits that are used to illustrate clause 5.6 Management review. These are illustration documents. Organizations may use other methods and other documents to meet the requirements in this clause.

   Action Number Form   - During Management Review, top management identifies objectives for the organization and items that should be improved. The Action Number Form can be used to assign a priority to an item and estimate the resources that would be needed if the item is selected for action.

   Management Review Result Chart   -  Each item discussed during Management Review can be entered on this chart and assigned a priority. At the end of the meeting, Management can make adjustments to priorities and determine which items should be selected for action.

   Opportunities Log   - Items that were not selected for action during Management Review can be copy/pasted from the Management Review Result Chart into the Opportunities Log. When resources become available, sorts can be performed to determine what should be addressed next.

   Opportunities Log Instructions   - This Excel file has instructions for how to do sorts of the Opportunities Log.

3.   ISO 9001 Explained List of Exhibits Part 1
This is a list of the documents and ISO 9001:2008 forms that illustrate clause 4.1 through clause 6.3.
All the illustration documents, forms (and data entry templates) included in the download and on the CD as Microsoft Word and Excel files.

4.   ISO 9001 Explained List of Exhibits Part 2
This is a list of the documents and ISO 9001:2008 forms that illustrate clause 6.4 through clause 8.5.3.
All these documents, forms, (and data entry templates) are included in the download and on the CD as Microsoft Word and Excel files.

Note: ISO 9001 Explained is included in the full Auditor Training Course.

Requirements and Site License

Software:   Microsoft® Word 2000 and Excel 2000 (or later versions);
Adobe® Acrobat Reader 9.1 (or later) available for free from the Adobe website
Operating system:   Windows 2000 and later versions, ME, XP, Vista and network systems
File and paper size:   Available in US (8 1/2 X 11") version or A4 (210 X 297 mm) version

Site License:  Purchase of this product indicates that you have read and agree to the terms of the Site License Agreement. A site is defined as a single location with up to 400 employees. The Site License limits the use of this product to the Site License Holder's internal business purposes of quality system management, and for training employees who are employed at the site license location. You may print out a copy of the Site License Agreement. Links to product samples are provided on this web page.
All sales are final.
Site License Agreement  (US format)
Site License Agreement  (A4 format)

For a Site with more than 400 employees: Click here to request quote.

Multiple Site License: Click here to request a quote.

Product:   "ISO 9001:2008 Requirements Explained  -  An Adobe PDF File for Use on a Network System"

Download Files - $425.00 (US dollars)
Instructions for downloading files sent as an attachment to an email.

Order Form
Includes: ISO 9001 Explained as Adobe PDF file,
Exhibits as Adobe PDF files, MS Word and Excel files
Instructions for assembly of Manual in a ring binder.

CD + Manual 1 - Requirements Explained - $495.00 (US dollars)
Plus shipping
Order Form
This is a MASTER COPY ready for photocopying.
Who would want a copy? Person in charge of ISO project, Management Representative, audit manager, and auditors
CD includes ISO 9001 Explained as Adobe PDF file, and
Exhibits as Adobe PDF files, MS Word and Excel files.

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Note: The Manuals and files are included as part of the full Auditor Training Course.

US Orders

Payment methods accepted
Credit card, company check, wire transfer, money order, and purchase orders.
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You may place an order by phone:
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